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Avenger Couriers offers customers and their recipients a free vehicle tracking service.

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Ever wondered where your goods really are?

Would regular 'goods in transit' position updates be reassuring?

Are you ever unsure when to have staff in place to load or receive your goods?

Do your customers pressure you for continuous progress updates on goods in transit?

Ever felt you cannot control certain situations effectively because of the lack of information?

With Avenger Couriers you are in control. You can plan and manage more effectively because you will now know where your goods are at any time while they are in transit.

Avenger Couriers demanded a tracking system specifically for customers that requires no training, no fuss, is secure and easy to use.

The vehicle's position is updated every 60 seconds. Users are even able to zoom in down to street level to see the exact position of the van.

Avenger Tracking Screen Shot

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